ESV Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible, Goatskin Leather, Black

First Impressions

I must say that I really love this Bible. The first thing I would like to note is the single column text. This being my first experience with a single column layout, I will never look back to the inferior double column layout. The red under gold art gilding on the pages appear to be more of a salmon color versus a deep red that you see from other publishers (RL Allan). However, the salmon under gold contrasts the black goatskin extremely well. It is also my first goatskin covered version of the sacred scriptures. This goatskin is flexible, durable, smells amazing and is a joy to run my hands over. The semi-yapp provides a good shield of protection for the text block. The spine exhibits six beautiful hubs or ribs that make smooth spined Bibles jealous. Crossway could have done without maybe one of the three ESV designations on the spine and could also take note of how elegantly Cambridge does their ribbon markers and offer something with more body to it. The size of the Bible fits perfectly in my hands and is a complete joy to read. The one thing that put this bible over the top for me was the generous margins without actually being as large as a normal “wide margin” Bible.


This Bible is a joy to read. The text is a 9 point font that is easily readable. The location of the text on the page and the spacing is based on what is called the Renaissance ideal of a perfect page. The Bible utilizes line matching which is appreciated since the paper used is a thin, high quality European paper. The text on the opposite side of the page does show through, but isn’t a bother when reading. The single column text reads like a book. Also aiding in readability is the placement of the section headings in the outside margin. Typically a single column layout makes poetry sections look much better; but Crossway went a step further and moved the verse references outside of the text making it the best poetry reading on the market.

Recommended Uses

Seeing as this Bible uses a 9 point font and is highly readable, as stated above, it would make a great preaching/teaching Bible, either being held in the hand or laying on the pulpit. It would also serve well as a daily reader. The wide margins make this Bible great for extensive note taking; provided one does it lightly and gently because of the thin paper. I use a mechanical pencil in mine and have had no issues with scoring or tearing the paper. It may not be as portable as some prefer, but I honestly bring it everywhere and use it for anything.

– Matt

Technical Details

Font Size: 9 point

# of Columns: Single Column

Margins: 1 1/4″, section headings are placed in margin

Red Letter/Black Letter: Black

Cover: Goatskin, Black

Lays Flat: Yes

Estimated Life: Lifetime

Art Gilting: Red Under Gold

Paper Quality: A creamy color and smooth to the touch

LxWxD: 9.5″ x 6.75 ” x 1.5″

# of ribbons: 4 Ribbon Markers, 1/4″ wide

# of maps: 8

Cross References: No Cross References

Concordance: Yes, 74 pages

Publisher/Printing: Crossway, Printed by Jongbloed in Netherlands

ISBN-13: 9781433544484

ISBN-10: 1433544482

Text Edition: 2011

Where to buy:,

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