ESV Large Print Compact, Top Grain Leather, Black

First Impressions

Beautiful, Small, Elegant, Compact, Readable, and the list goes on! If you are in the market for a small/compact Bible that still has a good size print, there is no better option than the ESV Large Print Compact by Crossway–particularly in the Top Grain Leather. Crossway offers Trutone and Hardcover versions, but this Top Grain Leather version is phenomenal. This version offers Jesus’ words in red letter–making the dialogue for a visual reader clear and easy to follow. The cover seems very similar to the calfskin covers that Crossway offers–flexible, soft and supple. In addition, Crossway dressed up the spine of this Bible with beautiful spine hubs/bumps (refer to pics below). Without question this Bible is one of the most beautiful compact offerings on the market–typically all premium Bibles are much larger. If you are wondering if this would be an alternative compact solution to the ESV Pitt Minion (and you are looking for larger print than the Pitt Minion), then this is your best bet. My hope is that Crossway and other publishers will continue to look at the portable/compact Bible segment as a good option for premium bindings.


For the size it doesn’t get any better than this! This Bible is small (not necessarily pocket size like a new testament) and has size 8 font. Perhaps size 8 font is still to small for some, but considering like size Bibles, this is the most readable compact Bible I have seen. Crossway also made this Bible with line matching as to reduce ghosting of the text on the other side of the page. The paper is thin and made in China, but due to line matching and the font size, readability is still high in my opinion. If you are looking for a readable compact ESV Bible, please look no further. Side note: this Bible is smaller than the Crossway ESV Thinline that also has size 8 font. I would recommend the Large Print Compact over the Thinline, because the Thinline is not line matched whereas the Large Print Compact is line matched.

Recommended Uses

Backpacking, camping, hospital visits, church, pretty much anywhere you would like to bring a small compact Bible with a good size font. I do not know if I would recommend this Bible for preaching as the size is still a little small–also, the Bible does not lay completely flat due to reinforced hinges. Outside of preaching and teaching, I would recommend this Bible for any other use. This format and size is truly one of my favorites produced by Crossway.

– Paul

Technical Details

Font Size: 8-point font

# of Columns: Double Column

Margins: 3/8″

Red Letter/Black Letter: Red letter

Cover: Top Grain Leather, Black

Lays Flat: Semi-flat (there are reinforced hinges due to the edge lined binding making the Bible not lay completely flat)

Estimated Life: A lifetime

Art Gilting: White under Gold

Paper Quality: Thin paper and has line matching to reduce ghosting

LxWxD: 6.875″ x 4.875″ x 1″ (just a hair over 1″)

# of ribbons: One

# of maps: None

Cross References: None

Concordance: 31 pages

Publisher/Printing: Crossway

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-5600-5

ISBN-10: 1-4335-5600-6

Text Edition:  2016 ESV text edition

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Detailed Images

Comparison to Crossway’s Personal Reference Bible (Top Grain)