ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set (Cloth over Board)

First Impressions

Will someone help me get my jaw off of my floor? This Bible is indeed all it is cracked up to be. Crossway has effectively produced a reading experience with the six-volume set – distraction free, elegant, regal. Expose yourself to the Scriptures with a Bible that is meant to be read.

The six-volume set comes in a displayable slipcase which graces your desk, bookshelf, or library with the sacredness that the Scriptures deserve. For centuries, Bible publishers have attempted to cram the entirety of the biblical text into a single volume book. To do that, it requires thin paper, small font, and a text block with no breathing room. This has ultimately led to a non-appealing reading experience. Don’t get me wrong…for centuries Christians have enjoyed reading their Bibles, but now they will enjoy the experience.

Here are the main differences between the average Bible and the six-volume set:

  • The verse and chapter numbers have been removed.
  • Very few “headings” remain to assist the reader only when necessary
  • The text is in a very readable 12-point Trinité
  • The Bible is broken up into six individual volumes (Pentateuch, Historical Books, Poetry, Prophets, Gospels & Acts, Epistles & Revelation), each with its own beige ribbon marker
  • The paper (oh, the paper!) is no longer tissue paper thin – it is the paper of a real book!

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Self, nobody needs this. This is such a first-world purchase…a have it your way kind of Bible…what a ridiculous idea!” That is exactly what I thought before purchasing my set (Funny note: all four of us Bible review guys now have a set). Yet we have read more Scripture in the past few months since obtaining our reader sets than ever before. You start up a Gospel, then realize after 25-35 minutes that you just read ten chapters of John, being enraptured by the story of the Bible. Your brain no longer defaults to stop at a chapter heading simply because it is a new chapter. You keep reading. You pick up themes, motifs, make connections between stories, and finally read the Bible text as the author intended you to read it. And that’s just the Gospels! Don’t get me started on OT narrative, poetry, and epistles!

This is not a necessary purchase for anyone. But hear me on this: this is a beneficial gift to any believer who can acquire one. From the idea, to the quality, to the reading experience…Crossway has knocked this out of the park.


This set defines readability. Go to your local book store and see one for yourself. Pull it off the shelf, sit down, pick a volume, and just read it for 20 minutes. Then enjoy the gift we have in the inerrant Word of God. You are welcome in advance.

Recommended Uses

You won’t throw this in your backpack, you shouldn’t plan to lug this to church, you won’t preach from this (though it would be entertaining), and you certainly won’t bring this to a hospital with you for a visitation…it practically requires its own zip code.

The six-volume set is a reader, through and through. It is designed to accompany your library and for reading the Bible for breadth. Long sittings, book after book, soaking in the entirety of the Scriptures. It comes with a complete one-year Bible reading plan that you can check off by day or an individual volume reading plan to get you through any individual volume in the order you would like.

– Jared

Technical Details

Font Size: 12-point Trinité font

# of Columns: one-column

Margins: .75″

Red Letter/Black Letter: black text, red book titles and headings

Cover: cloth-over board

Lays Flat: the larger volumes do instantly; smaller volumes need little “breaking in”

Estimated Life: keep these away from your coffee and your great-grandkids could use them one day

Art Gilting: no

Paper Quality: smyth-sewn binding, beautiful paper: it feels like the cool side of the pillow ALL-THE-TIME

LxWxD: Individual Book: 8″ x 5.5″ x variable”; (depth varies per volume) | Box Set: 8.625″ x 9.25″ x 5.75″

# of ribbons: one beige ribbon per volume

# of maps: n/a

Cross References: n/a

Concordance: n/a

Publisher/Printing: Crossway/LEGO in Italy

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-5347-9

ISBN-10: 1433553473

Text Edition: 2016 text edition

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