NLT: Select Reference Edition Goatskin Brown

First Impressions

Like a glove. That was my first impression of the NLT Select Reference in Brown Goatskin–it fit in my hands like a glove. This is likely one of the best proportioned Bibles out there regarding it’s size and layout. The goatskin cover is spongy and supple. The pages are creamy and smooth. The single column text layout is extremely well thought out and easy on the eyes. I honestly wish this particular Bible was offered in other translations. The dark brown cover is attractive and feels highly durable. The one area where I feel Tyndale went on the “cheap” side was the ribbon markers-they almost feel like shoelaces. That said, I can EASILY overlook the ribbon markers as the rest of the Bible is amazing. Even though the NLT is my secondary translation, this Bible seems to end up in my hands more and more. I will keep this in my library until I can no longer read the large 9pt size font–so hopefully that will be MANY years down the road. If Crossway’s Single Column Legacy and Cambridge’s Clarion had a baby–you would get this Bible. It is simply a masterpiece to be treasured.


One of the best reading Bibles (outside of designated “Reader’s Bibles”) I have ever seen. The cream colored pages, single column format, large 9pt font, line matched text and generous line spacing; makes this Bible one of the best reading experiences on the market. I have always believed single column text makes for more enjoyable reading and this Bible proves it. Not only in the poetry sections, but throughout the entire text. Another feature that I have not encountered prior to this Bible was how it lays out genealogies or family trees. Numbers chapter 1 was the first time I noticed it (see pic below). Instead of bunching the names and numbers in paragraph form, this layout breaks it out and creates a list that is easier to read and comprehend. Regarding the weight and size, this Bible is not too heavy or bulky to read for a long period of time. Due to the binding, this Bible lays completely flat, Genesis-Revelation, which makes the reading experience all that more enjoyable. I am not sure if you could find a better reading Bible.

Recommended Uses

Nearly everything. Double column format is usually preferred for preaching and teaching, but I think you would have little trouble with this single column layout for preaching and teaching. I would HIGHLY recommend this Bible for personal devotions or straight Bible reading. Also, it does have cross references running vertically on the outer margins which will prove helpful when studying. This Bible is slightly larger than a compact Bible, but still smaller than a regular size study Bible–making it a somewhat portable option to carry around.

– Paul

Technical Details

Font Size: 9

# of Columns: Single 

Margins: 1″ margins (keep in mind cross references are in this margin)

Red Letter/Black Letter: Black Letter

Cover: Goatskin, Brown

Lays Flat: YES, without a problem

Estimated Life: LIFETIME

Art Gilting: Red under Gold

Paper Quality: Very nice creamy colored pages that are quite smooth. Line matching reduces ghosting.

LxWxD: 8.75″ x 5.75″ x 1.875″ 

# of ribbons: 2 (somewhat cheap ribbons)

# of maps: 8

Cross References: Yes, vertically in the outer margins

Concordance: Yes, 116 pages

Publisher/Printing: Tyndale

ISBN-13: 978-1-4964-0472-5

ISBN-10: 1496404726

Text Edition: 2015

Where to buy:, Amazon

Detailed Images

See List of Tribes Below in Numbers Chapter 1